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News Letter

May 2023.

My aim is to share my life-work over the time so loyal customers and friends still can continue to enjoy my designs after my complete retirement. Currently I have made all the legacy DK products and the former Philips /PTV products as open source for anyone to use but I would appreciate a reference to me, Karsten Hervoe Hansen.
One person, Matthew Millman has taken the challenge to re-build boards and software for the PT5300 series of products. You can find a reference in the Partner section in case you are interested in boards or repair.

* Check the Audio Repositary you might find some valid information.
* Check the Video Repositary an dive back to old and new units.
* For US customers you will find a link to the US repair shop under Partners.
* For PT5300 customers contact Matthew repair and boards.
* Today I also offer to repair and software maintain the audio meters licence keys and more.

Documentation and software tools are still available from this site, but I have added a github repository (menu on the left side) so it is easier to browse and download files of interest. In the repository you will find addition documentation and tools that is not available from the homepage directly.

Web Site Changes

Today all domains are located on the same server so browsing DK-Technologies will be directed to the registered company name. Please report broken links and other anomalies and thereby help me to improve the functionality of the home page.

DKT7 Keep your unit up-to-Date

This point is still valid but unfortunately ignored by many users!.Keeping you DKT7 functional for the years to come is very important for me and the only way is by keeping your software up-to-date. I recently discovered a bug that eventually will cause your unit to lose its license keys and prohibiting normal operation. The error is critical and non-recoverable without substential cost. As a consequent, I have changed the software in order to avoid future problems and created a registration in our database for license recovery. The registration is free and you will find the instructions on the following page.